About me

I’m an ex-Google DeepMind / Microsoft ML engineer currently building my own startup – Runa AI. If you’re passionate about multilingual generative AI do reach out to me. I’m looking for extremely passionate and smart people with a track record to reinvent parts of the internet!

I also run The AI Epiphany YouTube channel, and I occasionally share my projects on GitHub and blogs on Medium.

You can connect with me on LinkedIn, Twitter, Discord. If you wish to support me you can do so on my Patreon.

I’m always creating, hacking, learning, and educating.

the photo of Aleksa Gordić, a young yet experienced machine learning engineer
< work exp />
  • [2023 – now] Founder and CEO of Runa AI
  • [2020 – now] Founder of The AI Epiphany
  • [2021 – 2023] Research Engineer @ DeepMind.
  • [2018 – 2021] Software/ML Engineer @ Microsoft
  • [2018] Software Research Engineer @ UFOP, Brazil
  • [2018] Attended Microsoft’s ML summer camp
  • [2017] Android software developer @ Telocate (German startup)
< personal />

Ever since I was a kid I was always into sports (martial arts, calisthenics, powerlifting, etc.) and (human) languages. I currently speak 5 languages (sorted by fluency) those being:

Serbian, English, German, Spanish, and Portuguese.

< education />

I did my bachelor’s in electronics & computer science at the School of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade. My thesis was on using Android to control various uC submodules via Bluetooth.

Ever since I was a kid, I was constantly learning on my own (I think it was partially out of spite – being unhappy with official schooling).

< misc />





  • At Microsoft I was a part of an organization of PSI: ML – Petnica Summer Institute of Machine Learning, as well as a mentor, and lecturer.

My Projects, Blogs & YouTube Coding, writing and making videos about AI.

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I am always in for some cool projects! And, I won’t lie, earning some extra $.

If you have some questions or projects for me feel free to submit the form.

Fun fact:

I really, really love penguins.

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